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About Us - Redhouse Farm History

About Us - Redhouse Farm History

About Us - Redhouse Farm History

The land on which the farm was built was originally part of a large estate.

During the 13th Century it was owned by the Savage family of Warwickshire and formed the hamlet of Astwood (literally meaning 'east wood' of Wychbold), which was part of the Forest of Feckenham in the Middle Ages. 

The whole area was densely wooded, signified by the local villages such as Elmbridge, Woodgate and Rashwood nearby.

The earliest documentation of Redhouse Farm and its 201 acres is 1779 when it was owned by Ann Purshall, although recent archaeology experts doing local studies and looking at the elm beams and pegged rafters in the farm, suggest that it may be earlier.  Elm was extensively used in the farmhouse along with other notable farmhouses nearby - a wood which unfortunately is not possible to accurately date - unlike oak which has regular 'rings' in the wood that are easily counted!

In 1818, Sir Anthony Lechmere purchased the property, later selling the farm with 70 acres at auction at The George Hotel in Droitwich in 1865 to John Corbett for £1400.  During this time, the farm was occupied by the Nash family for over 100 years, who paid a rent of £90 for the farm and land.

In 1881, it was occupied by the Pinches family, who worked as Blacksmiths and Pansmiths.  During the development works which started on the Barns in 2008, old blackened fired walls were found - situated in the current Lounge Bar reception area.  Well worn brick thresholds and handmade brick floors from the 'smithy' were re-used in the rear courtyard gardens by the current granite fountain.

Records held show the farm was then occupied by Rev.Dan Wrigley (very apt now!) and from the 1900's William Solven a Coal Merchant and his family until it was sold to William Reeves of Stoke Works - a Rate Collector, who purchased the farm for the princely sum of £164! 

It was subsequently sold in 1955 to Francis 'Jack' Clements of the local shop fitting firm Clements & Street.  Jack modernised the farmhouse and built steel framed/blockwork piggeries, which his son managed.  He sold the farm to Peter & Muriel Winter for £14,500 in February 1970 and our family have been here ever since!

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